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However, not everyone you chat to online will be who they say they are.

Even if you’ve been chatting to the same person for ages and you feel like you know them, you need to remember it’s very easy to lie on the internet.

Whatever may have happened you won’t be in trouble.

Have you met someone online and you’re not sure they are who they say they are? Is someone trying to take things further by showing you porn or asking you to do sexual stuff on webcam?

If you’re doing things you don’t want to do it’s never too late to get help. Talk to an adult you trust, like a parent, carer, teacher or youth worker.

If you don’t want to speak to someone you know there are organisations who can help.

It can be fun chatting to people who are interested in the same stuff as us.

So, make sure that you know the risks and are willing to face the consequences when faced with them.#2 Online dating.

All you need is a person who is willing to sleep with you on a regular basis. Being friends with benefits with someone isn’t as hard as you may think. Find a friend These days, it’s easy to find someone who is willing to sleep with you, without any commitment.

You just have to know where to look, whether it’s online, among your group of friends or among flings you’ve dated in the past.

There are lots of young people talking about everything from sex and relationships to sport and fashion.

Making friends from nursery through college isn't so bad.


  1. Some people online genuinely want to be friends but there are some who want to hurt young people. Know how to spot. Play games? Whatever you like doing, if you use the internet you might have met people online who want to chat. Do they try to talk about things you're not comfortable with, like sex? Do they ask for.

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