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Frustrating waiting for call dating jack boyle psycho dating

After spending weeks trying to just get your foot in the door, this can be confusing and frustrating.

It’s especially stressful if you’re pretty sure you nailed the interview.

While this is unfair—especially if you’ve gone through multiple rounds—it actually happens quite a bit.

If this is the case, take some time to reflect on what you did well—wrote a killer cover letter, delivered a compelling elevator pitch, impressed them during your first round or two of interviews—and make sure to do more of that as you continue your search.

Even if the first person you interviewed with all but offered you the position right there on the spot, usually the other interviewers need to weigh in, too.

Depending on the company, the process could be as simple as each person sending an email with a brief summary of the conversation along with a hiring recommendation, or it could be as involved as filling out a questionnaire that asks involved parties to measure each candidate across specific competencies, assign a rating, and provide supporting commentary or documentation.

So why is it that even when you’re given a date, people rarely get back to you when they say they will?

Sometimes, and this is unfortunate, the radio silence is a result of a company failing to notify you that you haven’t been chosen.

Sometimes when you’re told that a final decision hasn’t been made yet, you need to take this information at face value.

The process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee is a costly one, both in terms of time and money, so it’s in the organization’s best interest to be 100% certain of its choice before any offers are extended.

Unfortunately for many people, the last scenario’s the most oft-faced reality—and the cause of a lot of stress and anxiety.

Even though most companies will say the interview-to-offer timeline is somewhere between two to four weeks, one thing the average applicant can tell you is that it almost always takes much longer.


  1. After spending weeks trying to just get your foot in the door, this can be confusing and frustrating. It's especially stressful if you're pretty sure you nailed the interview. So why is it that even when you're given a date, people rarely get back to you when they say they will? Is there a secret code that says keeping you in limbo is a.

  2. I got invited for two interviews by two companies, One company conducted three interviews and 11 days ago came back to inform me and said that i got the Job but they are finalizing details so i must wait but they not sure of is frustrating because i cant just sit and wait, I am very timeline driven.

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