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Grandma dating grandson

Five years ago, Donna's second husband had some bad news.

"He told me I had to move out," she recalls, "so he could move his girlfriend in." Donna didn't think there could be a third chance at love.

We were clowning Uncle Tre, because the guy went to chop Isi-ewu the day before and it had upset his stomach.

Yesterday, we were reminiscing about Nigeria and I almost died of laughter men, especially when she reminded me about our 'armed robber' ordeal. We were all in my grandmomsi’s bedroom gisting, apart from Uncle Remi, who was downstairs.

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”“If you drink it, you’ll be very solid for Finebabe o.

The armed robbers took all they could and one of them pointed at my uncle Remi.“Oya, na now I go open fire.”Fine Grandma: My son, why would you kill a fool? To this day, Uncle Remi gets pissed when he remembers. I’m pretty sure that if that happened today, me sef I no go gree. I remember one time, as a kid, I was relaxing with her at her house, when she got a phone call telling her that my Uncle Remi had been arrested. We jumped into the car and raced to Sabo police station. Apparently, Uncle Remi had gotten arrested because he didn’t have his license on him or something trivial like that.

Uncle Remi was pissed at my grandmother for calling him a lunatic, and I suppose Uncle Tre was mad because he had chopped a hot Naija slap for the first time in his life. Meanwhile Fine Grandma isn’t usually timid like that o.

Aunty Yinka, Uncle Tre and DJ were visiting from London.

There was Fine grandma, my Uncle Remi, me, my lil’ cousin DJ, and my aunty Yinka and her husband, Uncle Tre.


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