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Hasidic jews dating

The Baal Shem Tov did not modify Judaism, but he did suggest that Jews approach Judaism from a different psychological state.Despite united and vocal opposition ( which is Hebrew for “righteous men,” became the means by which the uneducated masses could lead more Jewish lives.Raisy was a plump woman with bright blue eyes visible through the bangs of the sandy-colored wig she wears per Orthodox tradition.She sat behind a desk cluttered with spiral notebooks, stacks of dating questionnaires, and an old desktop computer that contained her database of single ultra-Orthodox Jews.A further subset of the Heredic Jews is the Hasidic Jews, a group that focuses on the joyful spiritual aspects of religious practice.Hasidic Jews may live in special communities and, Heredics, are noted for wearing special clothing. The movement originated in Eastern Europe in the 18th century, at a time when Jews were experiencing great persecution.Speaking in a mixture of English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, they rifle through their notes, searching for matches.They are helping the men and women—especially the women—fulfill the primary social responsibility of their community: to get married.

As his following grew, he became known as the Baal Shem Tov (abbreviated as Besht) which means “Master of the Good Name.”In a nutshell, the Baal Shem Tov led European Jewry away from Rabbinism and toward mysticism.

In general, Orthodox Jews are followers who believe in a fairly strict observance of the rules and teachings of the Torah, as compared to the more liberal practices of members of modern Reform Judaism.

Within the group known as Orthodox Jews, however, there are degrees of conservatism.

While the Jewish elite focused on and found comfort in Talmud study, the impoverished and uneducated Jewish masses hungered for a new approach.

Fortunately for the Jewish masses, Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (1700-1760) found a way to democratize Judaism. As a young man, he traveled around Jewish villages, healing the sick and helping the poor.


  1. Hasidic Judaism is one movement within Haredi. Hasidic Jews are unique in their focus on the joyful observance of God's commandments.

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