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Hook up adult game

If it really turns into just a one-night-stand, remember that is what the real plan was.At the same time, don’t fall into the trap of calling or texting him the day after, unless you two have agreed on making this more than a casual thing.You don’t want to go into a booty call thinking that this may become something more or that maybe this guy will be your next man.Take things at face value and accept it for what it is.

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When it comes to hook ups, you want to keep it no strings attached.istock You may not run into this too often, but before you jump into bed with a guy, make sure that he also knows that this is just a hook up and nothing more.Though guys tend to be in it just for the sex, you may come across one who is looking for a rebound or to turn a random booty call into something more.Shutterstock One night stands aren’t for falling in love and finding your soulmate.The guy you hook up with likely isn’t looking to fall in love with you or marry you.Don’t jump into bed assuming that he’s on the same page as you. Shutterstock It’s kind of embarrassing to hook up with a guy that your best friend hooked up with last week.If you know this guy has made his rounds amongst your circle of friends, don’t let yourself fall into the trap.Keep it at the hooking up level and keep your heart somewhere safe, or else you may risk breaking it yourself. Even if you still have feelings for him and you two are pretty cordial to each other, that doesn’t mean that you have to hook up or start having sex casually.Hooking up with an ex is bound to start all sorts of problems, especially emotional ones.If you’re willing to risk having a normal friendship with a guy, don’t hesitate to hook up with him, but know that things between the two of you are bound to change drastically.It may also cause a bit of drama within your circle as well.


  1. Jun 19, 2013 The funniest part about hook-up games, aside from the obvious, is that they typically commence at an age you aren't really "hooking-up" much at all. At least

  2. Have a chat, and hook-up with the sexy girl at the bar

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