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Hot chat peer to peer

Let's name it Intercom, put .* in the Pattern input field (it means we will process all calls using the assigned scenario) and drag'n'drop our User2User scenario to the Assigned scenarios list.Now we have finished our Vox Implant account setup for video chat application.For web client we will need js library (Web SDK), it's available from our CDN and basic understanding of the SDK.We won't put the whole application code here, but you can always grab it from our Git Hub page.The video call feature requires end-to-end encryption, which means that the Peer Server that you are connecting to should be in HTTPS as well.If you’re reading this tutorial to implement video or audio call features on your website then you will need the Peer JS server library.If you don't have one you can get it for free at here.After account activation you will get the access to the Vox Implant Control Panel.

Throughout this tutorial we’ll be building a Web RTC video chat app with messaging features.

Vox Implant is a perfect choice if you need to build real-time web-based video chat application in minutes.

Vox Implant Web SDK supports Web RTC and lets developers integrate this functionality with any other web application.

Now we need to create the Vox Engine scenario that will process calls between the app users, we can name it User2User: The last thing we need is to create the application Rule that will tell Vox Implant which scenario should be used for which call.

Edit the application, open Rules tab and create a new rule.


  1. By joining the Livepeer network, you can share live video directly. you can use Livepeer as a simple way to add peer-to-peer video. Chat with us Join the.

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