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However, if you simply need a chat feature you can still use the Peer Server Cloud Service, provided your website doesn’t exceed the concurrent connection limit.As we move on through this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to implement the server with both the Peer Server Cloud Service and the Peer JS server library.Let's name it Intercom, put .* in the Pattern input field (it means we will process all calls using the assigned scenario) and drag'n'drop our User2User scenario to the Assigned scenarios list.Now we have finished our Vox Implant account setup for video chat application.If you need a bit of a background regarding Web RTC and peer-to-peer communication, I recommend reading The Dawn of Web RTC and Introduction to the get User Media API.Before we move on, it’s important that we understand the main tool that we’ll be using.The video call feature requires end-to-end encryption, which means that the Peer Server that you are connecting to should be in HTTPS as well.

After that go to the Users section and create two users for the application (for example, testuser1 and testuser2), they can be assigned to the app while the process or later (by editing).

Please note that you can download the code for this tutorial from our Git Hub repo.

To run it, or to follow along at home, you will need to have Node and npm installed.

Peer JS is a Java Script library that simplifies Web RTC peer-to-peer data, video, and audio calls.

What it does is act as a wrapper around the browser’s Web RTC implementation.


  1. The Chat sample demonstrates how to implement a multiparty chat application by using Peer Channel. Messages sent by any instance of a chat application are received by all other instances.

  2. Technitium Bit Chat is a secure, peer-to-peer p2p, open source instant messenger that is designed to provide end-to-end encryption for privacy using strong cryptography.

  3. Bit Chat A Peer-to-Peer Instant Messenger Shreyas Zare [email protected]//December 20, 2015 Abstract. Bit Chat is a peer-to-peer instant messaging concept,

  4. Hi, Are there any examples which illustrate how to perform a simple peer to peer chat program? Basically, all I need is for 2 PCs to be able to send texts to each other.

  5. By joining the Livepeer network, you can share live video directly. you can use Livepeer as a simple way to add peer-to-peer video. Chat with us Join the.

  6. Does anyone know if Flash peer-to-peer video chat is a possibility?--and if so, any source code to get me started.

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