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In China, the cyclic year normally changes on the Chinese Lunar New Year.In Japan until recently it was the Japanese lunar new year, which was sometimes different from the Chinese; now it is January 1.However, the sexagenary cycle is still used in names of many historical events, such as the Chinese Xinhai Revolution, the Japanese Boshin War, and the Korean Imjin War.It also continues to have a role in contemporary Chinese astrology and fortune telling.The use of the sexagenary cycle for recording years is much more recent.The earliest discovered documents showing this usage are among the silk manuscripts recovered from Mawangdui tomb 3, sealed in 168 BC.

It is likely that this unbroken continuity went back still further to the first appearance of the sexagenary cycle during the Shang period.the year 1984 began the present cycle (a 甲子—jiǎ-zǐ year), and 2044 will begin another.Note that in China the new year, when the sexagenary count increments, is not January 1, but rather the lunar new year of the traditional Chinese calendar.The cycle and its variations have been an important part of the traditional calendrical systems in Chinese-influenced Asian states and territories, particularly those of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, with the old Chinese system still in use in Taiwan.This traditional method of numbering days and years no longer has any significant role in modern Chinese time keeping or the official calendar.Using the second, the equivalent sexagenary year for 221 BC is the 17th year (庚辰; gēng-chén), as 60- [(221 2) mod 60] = 17 (i.e., 60 minus the remainder of (221 2) divided by 60 is 17).Step-by-step example to determine the sign for 1967: When doing these conversions, year 246 BC cannot be treated as -246 AD due to the lack of a year 0 in the Gregorian AD/BC system.But it was not until the Suiko era that the calendar was used for politics.The year 604, when the Japanese officially adopted the Chinese calendar, was the first year of the cycle.As for example, the year 2697 BC (or -2696, using the astronomical year count), traditionally the first year of the reign of the legendary Yellow Emperor, was the first year (甲子; jiǎ-zǐ) of a cycle.2700 years later in 4 AD, the duration equivalent to 45 60-year cycles, was also the starting year of a 60-year cycle.


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