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Impotent dating

The reason for this may be two-fold – one, your man is grappling with physical changes like lower levels of testosterone and two, he may be feeling more stressed and anxious than before.Again if you find that your date is able to have erections at other times of the day, especially early morning, but fails in an intimate setting with you, then the problem is not physical – you and your man could have a relaxed chat about what is bothering him and what you can do to ease his anxieties.

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For instance if your date is a guy who has a steady job, makes you laugh, shares your interests, brings you just-because flowers and even rolls up his sleeves for the dishes post a dinner date at home, he may just be worth sticking around for.In very severe cases of erectile dysfunction, both the man and his partner may be required to go through counseling.What you can do For your part, the best way to deal with your date’s erectile dysfunction would be to be patient with him and take pleasure in just being close to each other without the pressure of having sex.Conventional wisdom has brought about an either/or attitude towards sex in relationships.Either you have sexual intercourse in your relationship or you don’t have a relationship at all.In order to get to the bottom of his problem you need to examine the factors that could be causing it.Medical experts believe that there are two kinds of causes for erectile dysfunction.In case it is the latter, then there is no doubt that your date’s erectile dysfunction could translate into a major issue; however if it is the former and you are not really dating to have sex, then his sexual dysfunction may not have a significant impact on your relationship.However it is worthwhile keeping in mind that relationships are always in flux – you may have started out with only a desire for platonic companionship but then find yourself demanding more in the relationship.Dating is the most popular way to explore chances of a relationship with a potential partner.Sometimes though a person may be fun and attractive on the outside but within can come with issues which are potential deal-breakers.


  1. It's one of the last great taboos, a problem which few men will admit to. Yet impotence, the permanent or temporary inability to make love, affects at least one in every ten men. It also wrecks about one in five marriages of those affected. One sufferer with the courage to talk openly about the subject is Ken Robson, 66, a former.

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