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Interracial dating still taboo

I date them exclusively but i still get the "i dont date outside my race" comments but 100 emails later we are having lunch together. Try to be successful in your life so that you can afford to go different places and maybe meet the right somebody. Perhaps the more colorful replies have already been removed. Also, what really prompted me to reply: CONCERNS*spelling Nazi out*I moved here from California this year (dont ask why, long story) and I have noticed a HUGE difference in how people approach dating. I get that, but you don't see my repeating in my profile "Redheads only" or "Large breasted women only".Old habits are hard to lose but we are getting to a point where old the truly old backwoods racist hold that opinion and who cares? I saw you only have one life to live and don't get a second chance if you don't live this one to your potential. Before you know it, you'll be 50 and wonder where the heck has your life gone. Just maximize your abilities and succeed at whatever you're good at, and you'll attract women of all races. Yes there are mixed couples everywhere, but I have noticed ALOT of women's profiles in Alabama do say "White men only" and actually seen one profile that repeated that about 10-15 times. Although I like redhair and large breasts on a woman and can be considered my type, I don't put it on my profile because I would be called a pig for it.I'm all about preference and if you are not attracted to someone then its perfectly fine with me.What bothers me is when I go to a white female's page and she clearly states at the end of her profile that she doesn't date African Americans/Black guys.What about Tommy Lee who served 4 months in jail for kicking Pamela Anderson in the stomach while she was holding their baby in her arms?

What about the White man who last week gunned down his wife & both of his 10 year old daughters outside Cleveland Ohio last week?

Yeah, most just aren't attracted to black guys to begin with.

I have found about 2 guys that I go to school with attractive but they are oreos to the max.interracial dating will never die for the simple fact that we are in the 21st century and we look for the quality in people as a human being not the color of their in a box of crayons you will see many different colors standing side by side Well "White girl" you have a misguided worldview when you make blanket statements about Black men & use Chris Brown as your proof.

I could care less who anyone dates, but the blanket view of an entire group because of the actions of a few is completely ridiculous.

Something tells me you don't make the same blanket judgements with White men.


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