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Concert-ticket scamming has been in the headlines over the last month, with several Jacky Cheung fans coming forward to tell their tales of being duped by faux re-sellers, losing thousands in the process.

One of Malaysia’s leading social media stars, Jinnyboy’s videos have provided us with in-depth cultural self-reflection and examination.

Turns out that while their tickets looked real, they didn’t possess the tell-all ultraviolet watermark that all legitimate stubs carried.

“A lot of people think kids from single-parent homes turn out bad,” he tells PEOPLE.

It was only when they were physically stopped at the concert venue by security did they realize how incredibly dodgy all of this sounds, and that those “tickets” were more fake than Jinnyboy’s acting.

He added that he saw another couple in their 50s stopped for the same reason.

“When audiences watch the movie, they might think my English is good, but I really don’t know much.” He even fooled co-stars Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen, who recalled Chou improvising his lines several weeks into filming. ’ ” Rogen joked at the film’s press junket earlier this month. His favorite American movie is because it’s so romantic,” he tells PEOPLE.

“I like making everyone think I’m a bad guy, but I’m really not.” Unlike other rock stars, Chou insists he doesn’t “smoke, drink or break guitars.” 4.


  1. Besides sending greetings and congratulations, Chou's Weibo fans also discussed the outfit of the bride, the wedding location and the total costs of the event. Without a doubt, the ceremony contained all the elements of the fairy-tale wedding. A beautiful dress, lots of bling bling, the perfect surroundings and the ideal groom.

  2. Jan 29, 2018. Jinnyboy, a superstar in the world of Malaysia's social media and YouTube scene, has come forward to admit that he and his wife were victims of scammers, after paying over RM1,500 US$390 for fraudulent Jay Chou concert tickets, only to arrive on Saturday at Stadium Merdeka and be turned away.

  3. Jay Chou latest news including Jay Chou photos, dating gossip and videos.

  4. As Research Manager for the Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker program, Jay Chou manages the data collection and analysis for IDC's global PC research team to produce a quarterly perspective on the state of the PC industry. Mr. Chou frequently participates in industry briefings with clients and regularly speaks with the.

  5. Nov 17, 2014. Taiwanese pop-star Jay Chou publicly confirmed his love for girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan for the first time today. This marks a big step. Still, fans may agree the news is overdue—though the couple has been dating for four years, this is the first time Chou has addressed the relationship. 21-year Quinlivan.

  6. Feb 11, 2016. Where did it go wrong? These matches looked as if they were made in heaven, until it went bust. We remember some of the best matches in Asian pop. 10. Nichkhun – Tiffany A boy band member and a girl group singer. They don't need any more intro. Their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way.

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