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Changing the name of the event does not alter its essential nature.

Since the forums are functionally identical to the hearing, the forums must be deemed a continuation of the public hearing and thus comments must be accepted for 10 calendar days following the last public hearing/forum.

But what about all of the compliance initiatives outlined in the "historic" document? Also, what happened to the First Atlantic Terminal Housing Committee, which was supposed to "establish a Committee on Environmental Assurances? Norman Oder made a few calls and snooped around on the web to bring you answers to those burning questions.

Has the developer funded an Independent Compliance Monitor, as the CBA directs? article Posted by lumi at PM The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods will be holding a series of community meetings over the next couple weeks, at which they will share preliminary findings from their experts’ on-going review of the “Atlantic Yards” Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The city will kick in another million towards Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards, The Brooklyn Papers has learned. Montgomery's opposition to the Atlantic Yards project has hurt her in many parts of her district.

The new expenditures — which will fund infrastructure improvements around the proposed basketball arena — bumps up the city’s contribution to 9 million, a slight jump in spending that project opponents characterized as unnecessary. And this week, the candidate — the daughter of a prominent [former] state Assemblyman, William Boyland Sr., — admitted that the Atlantic Yards developer was "helping" her campaign.

Roughly 300 people who signed up to testify did not get a chance to speak.

ESDC had previously announced that a second “community forum” would be held on Sept.

He has significant interest in making sure they succeed.” No Land Grab: This rendering of the proposed Brooklyn Public Library Visual & Performing Arts branch does not include Ratner’s Atlantic Yards plan, which would obscure most of the open sky from this vantage point.12 at 4 pm at New York City College of Technology’s Klitgord Auditorium (285 Jay St., Downtown).But after critics — and many elected officials — sniped that Sept. “We thought it was appropriate, and wanted to give the public more time to review and comment on the project,” ESDC spokeswoman Jessica Copen later told The Brooklyn Papers.State officials moved swiftly last week to deny they were negotiating behind the scenes with Bruce Ratner to decrease the size of his Atlantic Yards mega-development.After the New York Sun reported on Tuesday that the Empire State Development Corporation had discussed “a reduction in the size of the project” with Ratner, ESDC blasted the report as untrue.has given its editorial board endorsement for the 11th Congressional District to David Yassky.Some aspects of their endorsement are more tepid than others, such as Yassky's weakness for developer money, but the Yassky back-and-forth-and-back-again position on Atlantic Yards doesn't bother the We’re not pleased by the strong support he receives from developers who fill his campaign war chest.Yes, he supports Bruce Ratner building at that site, but at last week’s state public hearing he reiterated his position that the development must be halted if it is not scaled back.has provided continuing coverage of events related to the signing of the Community Benefits Agreement: Bruce Ratner's funding of the signatories and training sessions, as well as the CBA: Meet & Greet, which was closed to the public.Unless the pre-existing population is willing to double up still further, and see our already appalling vacancy rate of 3% citywide shrink still further, we will need to build new housing.This new housing, if we care about the environment and our carbon footprint, will need to increase the density of the City, and that in turn implies a larger number of high-rises, ideally serviced by public transport.


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  4. The city will kick in another $29 million towards Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards. Nobody Home on the Atlantic Yards Chatline. Brownstoner.

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