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I glanced down; so many reasons were there for me to fuck this nigga up but, her face stopped it. Let’s just go.” I obliged, taking her hand in mine. Onyx grabbed my hand, using her other hand to turn my face towards her.“I thought it was sexy to see you mad.” she purred.The glint in her eyes, the tone of her voice; I was turned on.“Oh, yea? I helped her into the passenger’s side, offering to drive us home since she was still a lil’ buzzed.“Mhm.” she started once I was seated.Not a tinge of hesitance washed over her as she tossed the shot down like a pro. Looking up, I noticed this woman, had to be Spanish, rushing over to us with a bottle and paper in hand.“Onyx? Nix being drunk outta her mind, laughed senselessly at the girl.“Who are you? I hope you enjoy the Rosé ‘cause that’ll be the last drink you ever have inside this club.“What kinda note…” I trailed, looking at Onyx.” she asked, putting the glass down.“Adrienne, Aubrey’s assistant. But, I don’t appreciate you bringing this unknown nigga here. Her face was neutral; she didn’t seem to care too much.On a rather good note, Tremaine laid beside me, snoring quietly.

The Weeknd’s came blaring out the speaks, satisfying her.

I kept my hands planted above her waistline, following her lead.

We made it to the exit, seeing Aubrey standing there with his hands locked behind his back.“Hope you enjoyed your night.” he said smugly, making his statement direct to Onyx.“As a matter of fact, I did.

Onyx |Fluttering my eyes open, I squinted them back once an obnoxious ray of sun pierced into my eyes.

As if having the sun blinding me wasn’t enough, I had a headache in the works from last night’s festivities.


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