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Kkk intimidating voters

Even though significant political elements in North Carolina resisted secession from the Union in the first place, perhaps because of the brutality and loss of the Civil War, some whites in North Carolina joined the Invisible Empire and were active in counties in the state well into the 1880s.Questions that will be addressed in this essay include: what kind of violence and intimidation did the Klan in North Carolina use against those they saw as their social and political enemies?The Ku Klux Klan is known to be very active throughout the South in the years after the Civil War, notably in states like Alabama and Mississippi, but Klan activity was also very prominent in North Carolina during the post-Reconstruction years.olence (sexual and otherwise), and intimidation in the name of vigilante justice.By the summer of 1868, the Klan was widespread across Georgia.The KKK was a very loosely organized group, and hierarchical structures beyond the county level probably were more symbolic than operational.They were more successful in achieving their political goals than they were with their social goals during the Reconstruction era.Klan was an alliterative version of "clan," thus Ku Klux Klan suggested a circle, or band, of brothers.

The federal government did indeed attempt to uphold the rights of African Americans, but white resistance to change in the South kept many people there in a state of terror, even with the federal government’s promise of armistice between the two races.Their homes, families, and freedoms were in a constant state of danger from the Klan, and there was little that could be done to stop these large bands of vigilantes from accomplishing their goals.Study of the drastically negative changes that took place in African American’s lives during this time period help modern historians understand why and how constant violence, intimidation, and attacks denied or limited the rights, civil liberties, and safety of African Americans and Republicans in the South until well into the 20th century when the Civil Rights Movement began to gain a significant influence in the U. African Americans were not the only ones to have to deal with the threat of violence.Who did they see as their social and political enemies, and why?How exactly did these groups accomplish the disenfranchisement of blacks and Republicans, especially with a Republican majority in the Life was often extremely hard for freedmen and women, even with Union soldiers trying to keep the peace, but when the Union soldiers ceased occupation of the South, suddenly African Americans found themselves in very desperate and dangerous situations; some found that life could be even more tragic and terrifying than during the pre-Civil War slavery years.White Republican men and women were often threatened, beaten, or mutilated for their involvement in what was often referred to asas blacks themselves, and deserved to be treated the same.Although history mostly focuses on the African American families that were endangered during this time period, the violence white Republicans and their families dealt with from the Klan was often equally critical with that directed toward blacks.In Georgia conservative whites, frustrated with their political failures during 1867, began to look for new ways to defeat their Republican enemies and control the recently enfranchised freedpeople.For many, the KKK and its public political wing, the Young Men's Democratic Clubs, offered a chance to take action.With the passage of the Military Reconstruction Acts in March 1867, and the prospect of freedmen voting in the South, the Klan became a political organization.Former Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest probably served as the Grand Wizard, or overall leader, of the Klan and certainly played a significant role in its organized spread in early 1868.


  1. Facts ruin Glenn Beck's voter intimidation comparisons. The problem is the Ku Klux Klan has a very long and bloody history in America of not only intimidating.

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