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Block off rooms in your house to keep all your pets in one area, so if you need to evacuate, you can get your pets into their carriers quickly.

Keep pets on lead if they must go out to eliminate.

___ Periodically check your pets’ collars to make sure they fit properly and tags are securely fastened.

If the collar can slip over a pet's head when you pull on it, you may lose him if he panics and pulls back from you.

___ Have your pets microchipped and be sure to register the chip in your name and provide additional phone numbers.

___ Have copies of your pets' microchip information and contact information for the microchip company in the event your pets get lost.

You’ll also want to pack a storage container with necessary items so you can just grab it and go.

___ Buy carriers appropriate for your pets’ sizes; the carriers should be easy to transport.

More than 400 hotel and restaurant businesses have indicated they are prepared to join a 'group defamation action' against Trip Advisor which claims to be the world's biggest travel site.

could bring legal action against a controversial travel website over claims that its reviews are defamatory.

Although he did not rule out legal action in some cases in both the UK and U.

S., which would be undertaken on a no-win, no-fee basis.'We have taken legal counsel and it seems pretty strong in many of these cases that we could take a class action against them,' he said.


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