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The Minimum Fair Wage Laws of Massachusetts do not require extra pay for holidays, night work or weekends; however, certain Massachusetts Blue Laws require a handful of retailers to pay premium for Sundays and certain holidays.Massachusetts employee rights do not distinguish between part-time or full-time employment; both types of employees are covered by Massachusetts employee rights.Several employees, such as executives, professionals and the majority of seasonal workers, are not allowed to receive overtime pay.Wage Complaints: If you feel that your Massachusetts employee rights are being violated, you must file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General’s Fair Labor and Business Practices Division.If you live in Massachusetts and believe your marriage is coming to an end because your spouse was unfaithful, then you’ll need to learn what the law says about the relationship between divorce and adultery.Adultery can have a major impact on different aspects of a divorce, including alimony.

The Massachusetts appellate courts have already decided that alimony can’t be denied solely on the basis that there was infidelity in a marriage. For example, in , a husband spent marital funds on therapy for his mistress, and the appellate court ruled that his adultery should be factored into the alimony award because he was squandering marital funds on someone other than his spouse. Massachusetts courts are required to consider all of the following factors to determine the amount and duration of alimony: Except for reimbursement alimony or other exceptions, the amount of alimony can’t exceed either the supported spouse's need or 30 to 35% of the difference between the spouses’ gross incomes at the time the alimony order is issued. Judge's may consider any other relevant and important factors. Sometimes, but not always, adultery is one of those “other factors.” It all depends on the facts of the case. Massachusetts Court System's Self Help Center and official court forms Massachusetts Legal Services’ directory and Basic Legal Information page The Massachusetts Law Library’s reference sheet for alimony Mass. Massachusetts divorce laws underwent a major change in 2011 with the passage of the Alimony Reform Act.Now there are several different kinds of alimony that Massachusetts courts can award: Different states take different approaches to divorce. Massachusetts minimum wage laws have remained unchanged since January 1st of 2008.Massachusetts minimum wage laws apply to all employees except those being trained or rehabilitated in educational, charitable or religious institutions; members of religious organizations; agricultural workers; professional service workers, and outside salespeople who do not report to or visit their office on a daily basis.According to Massachusetts Employee Law, employers must provide an employee with up to two hours off to vote if their employee requests it.Employees do not have to be compensated for this time, but are allowed the two-hour absence after the opening of the polls.There are pros and cons to trying to prove adultery. The circumstances of the adultery may have an impact on other parts of your divorce, like child custody.


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