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He stole VCRs, microwaves, stereos, TVs, an air compressor. 8, 1985 at the corner of Fremont and Canyon Del Rey. The crime report lists his demeanor as “violent,” and he was charged with assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon.

He reportedly told the cops he’d rather be shot than go back to prison.

She climbed the stairs to the second-floor neighbor’s apartment.

From there, she could peer down and see that the screen door to the patio was open.

It was unlike her mom, Paula Durocher, to be a no-show at the Madden Company, which sold copiers and office equipment in Monterey.

The colleague quickly rang Durocher’s daughter at the nearby camera shop where she worked.

Her mom always kept the sliding screen door shut to keep her three cockatiels, who had free reign of the apartment, from flying away.

To better constrain the timing and rates in which sediment is transported down-canyon, we collected a series of sediment cores along the axis of Monterey Canyon, and quantified mass accumulation rates using short-lived radio-isotopes.Durocher, 40, was wearing her customary teal-colored bathrobe.On her chest three gaping 2-inch-long wounds were just starting to crust over with a red-brown color.The sediment cores reveal a complex stratigraphy that includes copious bioturbation features, sand lenses, subtle erosional surfaces, subtle graded bedding, and abrupt changes sediment texture and color.Downcore excess 210Pb and 137Cs profiles imply episodic deposition and remobilization cycles on the canyon benches.The pursuit of justice would ultimately send a serial burglar with an expensive heroin habit to prison for life, even though he maintains to this day he didn’t do it and the evidence is shaky at best. Among them: Whose DNA wound up underneath Durocher’s fingernails?What’s enough evidence to send a man to jail for life?Preliminary results demonstrate that sediment movement within Monterey Canyon is both dynamic and episodic on human time-scales and can be reconstructed used short-lived radio-isotopes.On the morning of July 15, 1985, a 22-year-old woman got a phone call from her mom’s co-worker.Then there’s a final question: If Durocher didn’t eat that steak – and autopsy results reveal her stomach was empty – who did? Army, and was arrested six more times that year alone on charges of burglary, possession of narcotics paraphernalia and possession of a sawed-off rifle. Around the time Durocher was killed, he was staying with a friend in her Fremont Boulevard motel room in exchange for drugs; Sagin would shoot her up himself.• • •The career criminal is Jack Sagin, and he’s not a good guy. He was first arrested at age 14 for burglary, and a year later for firing a gun in the city of Monterey. Another friend would join him on burglary trips, and she’d usually stay in the car, high.


  1. ON THE WHARF MONTEREY, CA. TripAdvisor. After all the “Grotto”, considered a world-renowned eatery, has been part of our family legacy of over 60 years, dating back to our father, the “legendary” Sabu Shake Sr. We are proud to. Welcome to Monterey's newest restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf Scales Seafood.

  2. From our spectacular seaside accommodations to the largest day spa in Monterey County, it's easy to say that Portola is a gem among Monterey Bay hotels. Outside of the property, you can discover a town teeming with activity, culture, and character, all dating back to the town's humble beginnings. Discover the history of.

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  4. One-third of the California Missions are located in the Monterey Diocese, dating from June 3, 1770 to July 25, 1797. Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo de Monterey Royal Presidio Chapel. Founded in June 3, 1770, by Blessed Junipero Serra. For many years the Royal Presidio Chapel served as the key church in the life.

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