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“You're out of business, thief.” A tough ‘tec who’s a lot straighter than a few of his cop colleagues, Bannion goes a very long way off the reservation when gangland types accidentally blow up his wife instead of him.With nothing to lose and gangster’s moll Debby Marsh (Gloria Grahame) lending an erratic hand, the reprisals are swift and brutal in Fritz Lang’s noir classic.

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“When you’re in the most pain, shivering out of fear, then I will kill you.” They take revenge seriously over in Korea.The punishment, as Bane would say, must be more severe."I've killed a hell of a lot of people to get to this point, but I have only one more.And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." In the old days, a gladiator’s life involved a lot more than just running up travelators in tight-fitting spandex. He just wants to inflict the maximum fear and, preferably, death upon the casual thugs who tormented his beloved brother.There was the whole fight-to-the-death thing and those huge men trying to trident you into the afterlife… In this kill-or-be-killed world Maximus (Crowe) plots a means of revenge that doesn’t sacrifice his honour, a noble task made much harder by his sly adversary, Commodus (Phoenix), who couldn’t even spell the word. He’s just back from a stint in the army and has a ready supply of weapons and – eek! Omitting Westerns - we'd be here all day - here’s a few of the baddest, most cold-blooded revengers and their fiercest moments... John Creasy is a former Marine Force Recon officer and CIA operative whose job it is to protect an adorably precocious nine-year-old from being abducted in Mexico City. He hunts down everyone connected with the kidnapping and puts a bullet in their head/blows them up/makes them not live anymore until he finds his ward and the man ultimately responsible. “I want my money.” Vengeance, said a wise man, is a dish best served cold. Leiter eventually recovers – his leg grows back and he turns into Jeffrey Wright – but Bond is thirsty for payback on the narc baron. Angrier than audiences could stomach, as it turned out, as Bond went around in a vendetta kinda mood, killing anyone and everyone he could lay his hands on to avenge the fate of Felix and his new bride. D.’s cohorts, cinema is ripe with badasses ready and willing to do whatever it takes to bring the bad men out there to heel – or, failing that, kill them. Evil drug bastard Franz Sanchez savages 007’s old CIA pal Felix Leiter and kills his new wife, Della, using sharks. ” Timothy Dalton’s 007 takes his place in the man-theon of movie avengers in a Bond flick that was angrier than any we’d seen before – or since.Young Mathilda (Portman) survives the raid with the help of Jean Reno’s friendly neighbourhood hitman and learns enough of his tricks of the trade to put the hammer down on ol’ coathanger cop and his cronies. ” Big bad Terence Stamp brings a bit of Cruel Britannia to the glossy part of Los Angeles as he systematically finds out what really happened to his daughter and who he can kill about it.It’s quickly apparent that answer begins and ends with her ex, a gauche music mogul named Terry Valentine (Fonda).He’s killed Maximus’s wife and child, burnt his house to the ground, and tried to kill him, too, condemning him to the life of a gladiator. "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. I can't live with that.” There are movie avengers – like the actual Avengers, for instance – who want to make the world a better and safer place, and then there’s Richard (Considine), a man so hard he killed his own surname.


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