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Most intimidating walk up songs

Deusner, Contributing Writer Franco Micalizzi, “Stridulum Theme” It’s Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, the Rangers are protecting a slim lead over the Cardinals, and manager Ron Washington calls the bullpen.

They don’t send out cursed reliever Mark Lowe, but rookie sensation and formidable southpaw Stephen Deusner.

Figuring he wouldn’t see much game action in his first year on the team’s active roster, Faunce, now a senior, didn’t bother to select an entrance song, leaving the team’s support staff to use a track it already had on file.

As a result, each time he emerged from the dugout that season — which turned out to be several times — he did so to Lil’ John’s “Yeah!

The stadium falls silent, as tens of thousands of fans doff their red shirseys.

Visibly shaking, David Freese refuses to enter the batter’s box, and it’s only after much cajoling from his teammates that he finally steps up to the plate.

It all begins with the glass shattering; and then you know what's coming next.

It's a theme song that features no lyrics whatsoever, but it doesn't really need them.

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Is the song family-friendly (one player’s initial choice had to be overturned this season because of questionable language)?Maybe you’re a clean-up hitter waiting to step up to the plate.Maybe you’re an All-Star closer trotting out from the bullpen.Welcome to The Playlist Project, where we’ll be posing musical questions to Paste staff, interns and writers and then compiling their responses into a handy playlist before opening it up for discussion in our comments section.Last week, baseball fans across the nation celebrated Opening Day.Only real fans will even notice the cleverness this pitcher uses before his at-bat during inter-league games. Is there really any substitute for a song that makes you feel like an ancient soldier going into battle? Adrian Gonzalezbaseball Best of Everythingbryce-harper Charlie Blackmon Chris Sale Dodgers Evergreen Francisco Cervilli Hunter Pence Mark Teixeira MLBmusic Noah Syndergaardplayers Prince Fielderr.a.But just the piano intro alone might get some ample attention. Does it provide the batter with a quick dose of adrenaline?But if it fits you, like Lisher’s does, then it’s actually kind of cool.” On the rare occasions, meanwhile, when perfection does occur, when a certain player stumbles upon the consummate mix of originality, fit and flair, the effects can linger long after the conclusion of an at-bat.If you’re like me, the Cubs have already stomped on your heart.But America’s pastime serves as the inspiration for this week’s Playlist Project…


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