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Mother dating sex offender

She does have a support system, but they have all contacted me saying the same thing: dude is sleezy and not to be trusted. I'd say the door is open to see her one-on-one, but I would not agree to see this guy or let him anywhere near my family.

That said, I wouldn't completely cut off your mother.

Joe duggan works in the world-herald’s lincoln bureau, where he helps cover state government, the legislature, the state supreme court, southeast nebraska and lincoln. If this issue gets to court it will be determined on what is in the best interests of the child. Or maybe i need to confront her about this again, or give her an ultimatum.

It "could" be different if he took full responsibility for what he did and did something to try to fix the problem (therapy, meds, whatever). I guess I was hoping someone would know what to say to her to make her "see the light." The guy is a skeeze ball, and since I teach kids I was extra angry. if i were you i would set some VERY clear boundaries.

I've cut off all contact with her (I'm older and live with my significant other, so it's just her now at my childhood home.) She's been divorced since 2009. Just being on the registry is not necessarily a reason to condemn a person. A huge range of behaviors can get you put on the sex offender registry. And if he was convicted of a really violent offense (for example, rape) I could understand not personally wanting to be around him and telling her you are very worried.

I'm convinced she is just delusional, but need to know what other people think about it. I have a friend who is on the sex offender registry. But otherwise she is an adult and entitled to date who she wants and I can't understand cutting off contact with her.

No clue if this is the right forum, but here goes: Long story short, my mother is dating a sex offender. If you are worried she is involved with someone dangerous, you want her to have lines of support, not be isolated with him. Happened in 2006, convicted and pled guilty in 2008.

I have tried every which way to tell her that she is being dumb and endangering us all, but she isn't listening. She didn't even tell me the true story of his past until a week ago. I understand the desire to identify people who could be a risk to you and your family but the registry lumps in people who are serial rapists with people who at 18 had sex with a 16 year old. If he was convicted of an offense against children, I could understand keeping your kids far from him.


  1. Aug 21, 2016. A father of two teenage girls has lost a lengthy legal battle to get custody of his children after his ex-wife married a registered sex offender. The divorcee took legal action saying. But this can be overridden by the custodial parent, their mother, presenting evidence to the contrary. The justices wrote “If she.

  2. Jun 5, 2013. i have been seeing a guy since i was 7 months pregnant. since we met he opened up to me about being a sex offender. it happened seven years ago. he was in prison for three yeas in Scotland. he was talking to a girl online on a dating site, he did not know she was 11 years old. she then opened up to him.

  3. I had to call them when a mom started dating a convicted sex offender and basically they said to her drop him or you're losing your kids. Also, in case you haven't looked for him on a registry yet, this is Utah's sex offender registry and will list his conviction, date of conviction and if he is still active in the.

  4. I found a map that helpfully tagged the homes of sex offenders with offences against children in the Indiana area, but it still left much to be desired. An 18 year old dating a 17 year old is legally committing statutory rape. A 12 year old sending naked pictures of themselves to a friend can be charged with possession of child.

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