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This had a bug that occasionally caused players to be the big blind twice in a row. This update on XB1 and PS4 prevents repeated big blinds, but does not address the other issues.The next update will address those issues by switching to the Moving Button Rule.Cigarette packs and lighters are now included in Havana Nights.New rep reward Oops - for when you folded what would have been the winning hand. Bankroll and Ring Game leaderboards now represent public games only, not private games.Big thanks to our community for giving us feedback and reporting any issues they came across, it definitely helps!Check out the list of changes below: Adjusted loot case chip rewards and upgrade prices to match store prices.Some improvements to the nickname screen to make it more usable.

Fixed a bug that caused your bankroll not to reflect your ranked tournament chip rewards immediately after claiming them.

This has been mostly fixed on the server end - instead of rejecting your action and folding, the server will attempt to do what you intended.

The full, proper fix is on the client side and will be in the May update for consoles. You now get an extra 5 minutes beyond your normal sit out time to rejoin your game after being disconnected. We've released a brand-new update for Prominence Poker on PC, Xbox One & PS4.

The winner close up at the end of a hand is now shown only if the hand is interesting enough.

There are now roughly triple the number of win/lose reaction animations.


  1. Pick an event, not a profile! My Friend Charlie organises, hosts and runs out of the ordinary events which just happen to be for single Londoners in their late 20s to late 40s. Whether you prefer to Get Quizzical over a glass of wine, or you like to live slightly more dangerously, Charlie's got it covered! 'Chips' & Wine · Poker.

  2. Feb 8, 2013. Think it's hard to get a date or find a relationship in your line of work? Try being a poker pro. But here are 20 examples of how you can make it work.

  3. May 7, 2013. Let Poker Romance connect you to hundreds of potential dates. Our extensive dating search tool is unique and will put you in touch with the most desirable singles in your area. If your ideal date is just a few blocks away, Poker Romance will help you find him or her! The perfect platform for that search is.

  4. Believe it or not, women don't find it sexy when you spend 7 hours a day playing online poker. I know this from experience, because while my poker skills and profits increased greatly throughout my 20s, I was a total fish in the dating world. Aside from mild banter in live poker rooms, poker is a solitary affair that doesn't allow.

  5. Steam A Recap of Recent Hotfixes for Prominence Poker. Since we released the new Diamonds affiliation we've been looking through the forums and addressing your feedback as it comes up. Here's an overview of the minor patches that released over the last couple of weeks. 7/17/17. This update fixes the "Not Enough.

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