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Mylife reunion dating

The site was launched in February 2009 as a result of the merger between and Wink.

The idea is to help users find people anywhere on the Web, for starters by aggregating results across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

Reunification was a position which I always considered somewhat fanciful; a naive sentiment which was expressed in republican pockets in Belfast and Derry, meriting few serious contingency plans.

But Ireland now looks set to join the roster of political shocks and upsets we have seen rippling across the world.

The basic My Life membership is free, but the company charges for additional features such as singles search, or the ability to see who is searching for you.

Tinsley said that since the dating feature has been only up for a few weeks, it’s too early to reveal any user numbers, except to say that it has been growing fast.

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Then My Life delivered possible matches in my area and gave me the option to send them messages.

Los Angeles-based My claims to be the most comprehensive people search engine around.

Now it’s using that technology to a new end — helping its users find romantic matches.

In order for the UK to enact its post-Brexit immigration policies and leave the single market, it must be able to control its borders.

It is impossible to overstate the horror with which such a wall between the north and south would be greeted Growing up in Belfast at the tail end of the Troubles, the so called “Irish question” always seemed a hypothetical one.


  1. MyLife.com, Los Angeles, CA. Read 10 of the very top tips to help you avoid falling victim of a dangerous online dating scam. Search, find and discover the people.

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