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But, you cannot overcome a sex addiction by trying to escape your sexually addictive desires because they are directly tied to your sex drive and you won't be able to successfully repress your sex drive over the long run.

A further example of why conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program fail in dealing with sex addiction is that their approaches advise the use of HALT.

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helps you to find online Skype ™ users all over the world and add them as Skype contacts.

The lies come in the form of rationalizations like, "I don't have a pornography addiction.

You stay anonymous and your Skype name is never revealed until you accept request from other members.

Approaches based on guilt mongering and scare tactics will not help the sex addict get control. Retribution and humiliation can achieve short term success.

Long term success requires a positive approach that encourages and supports the addicted person's efforts to stop. Advice that works Conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program rely on various forms of repression to try to overcome sex addiction.

When you attempt to get a handle on sex addiction, you're doing much more than merely stopping a bad habit.

If you've failed at getting your addiction under control, you're not doomed.


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