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code behind -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protected Sub Form View Account Settings_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Form View Update Event Args) Handles Form View Account Settings.

Last Change: More Information (@jwiscarson) I’m sorry, I was in hurry. In that project, the users could select 2 categories, enter a search string and the result will show in a Grid View. Here is my problem, if the "admin user" click on edit, change the value of the cell and execute the update, the value would not changed in the Hoo boy.

You didn't ask this in your question, but you've written some smelly code here.

Without seeing your markup, it's hard for me to tell if you've created . IHttp Handler : void Process Request(Http Context context) context; bool Is Reusable true, - . global.asax, Begin Request End Request (, Visual Studio Code Behind). Application_Start ( ), Application_End ( ), Session_Start ( ), Session_End ( ). Conflict Detection Old Values Parameter Format String, , Sql Data Source. Sql Data Source: Type Name , Method Sql Data Source Command. Data Object Type Name , Insert(), Delete() Update() Data Object Type Name . Object Data Source Sql Data Source Data Set, Data Reader . NET , : Repeater, Data List, Data Grid, Grid View List View. , Enable Sorting And Paging Callbacks Grid View true. , true Auto Generate Edit Button, Auto Generate Delete Button Auto Generate Insert Button. : // global.asax: protected void Application_Start(object src, Event Args e) // : protected void Page_Load(object src, Event Args e) . I am using the objectdatasource control and gridview control to display,insert,delete and update data about categories in sql express database. @Application , ( Inherits), ( Language), ( Description). NET : Sql Membership Provider Active Directory Membership Provider.


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