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Older man dating younger women yahoo

Other categories explored were family life, relationship status, political affiliation, religiousness and fashion preferences.

Here, a more in-depth overview of Hunch’s “snapshot findings”: • AOL users are most likely to be overweight women ages 35-64 who have a high school diploma and are spiritual, but not religious.

Users of Google’s Gmail are thinner, younger, better-educated, more well-traveled and more likely to be male than AOL or Yahoo! This potentially-offensive blanket statement is based on a newly-published study from Hunch, a site that makes a wide variety of recommendations to its users based on answers to survey questions.

Hunch analyzed 75 million answers from its approximately 700,000 users to determine the demographics, lifestyles and personality traits of people who use email addresses from Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!

sometimes so subtle that older guys miss them entirely.

AOL users live in the suburbs and haven’t traveled outside their own country. AOL users mostly read magazines, have a desktop computer, listen to the radio, and watch TV on 1-3 DVRs in their home. AOL users are optimistic extroverts who prefer sweet snacks and like working on a team.

and Hotmail/MSN, the four most widely-used email domains. Hotmail users were the second youngest demographic, with 64 percent under age 34.

According to the study, 72 percent of Gmail users are under the age of 34, with 68 percent falling in the 18- to 34-year-old range. When it comes to gadgets, the largest percentage of users of all four email domains said they “love them.” But as you might expect, the greatest number — 66 percent — came from the Gmail user category.

AOL users came in last, with 42 percent admitting affection for newfangled contraptions.

Gmail users were also more likely than any other group to be early-adopters of technology.


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