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The photo gallery on the Web site shows the design well. In the US, Larry Black of Mount Airy Bicycles in Maryland sometimes has one in stock.You can contact the manufacturer for other dealers.The Helpdesk is able to answer your questions each weekday day from 8am to pm.

The model without electric assist is lighter and more of a road bike.Alternative Vehicles has a line of four wheelers and trikes mostly made by Pacific Cycles in Asia. Berg Toys of The Netherlands has four wheelers that look like pedaled go-karts, and tricycles as well, including one with an articulated front wheel for body-lean steering called the Balanz Bike.Their 2 Rider model is a surrey-style bike but a little lower than most surreys, with two active pedaling positions and a kids seat adaptor or cargo area up front. They have off-road and street models, and four-seaters for the whole family.If you have a question about where to find information and services from Iowa state government submit your request to Ask A Librarian.Please be aware that this chat communication is not secure.Caribbean Riders is a Florida-based designer, wholesaler and marketer of a line of surrey-style four wheelers.They have one model with a single bench seat and another with two seats. The Web site mentions drum brakes but does not mention gears.Electric Bike Car Co has several models of their Ebikecar four wheelers that come as pedaled bikes or with electric motors.There are one, two and four seat models, with yellow seats, red frames and red or yellow 20" wheels. There is a downward sloping accent over the e in Ebikecar, but we can't reproduce it.Carvx is a Dutch company with a four wheel mountain bike with four hydraulic brakes, full suspension and hub gearing.We could not find ordering or price info on the site, and the "news" page has items from 20, so it may never have made it into production.


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