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These ambitions led the Fire Lord to initiate a number of reforms that militarized the country.

Here 22 exclusive forced sex sites form a tandem that provides its users with so much forced sex porn your head will spin!The ruler directly after the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Fire Lord Zuko, used Fire Nation resources to help rebuild the world, named after the grandfather of Zuko and Azula, Fire Lord Azulon.Seventy years after the end of the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation still played a role in world affairs.The spirits continued to haunt the warlords until one individual took control and brought the warlords to justice.He also united the Fire Islands into a single political unit and eventually became to be known as the first Fire Lord, The history of the Fire Nation from inception was documented extensively by the Fire Sages, who commissioned an ever-growing mural in the corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs, which also served as the burial sites for all of the deceased Fire Lords.Before the foundation of the United Republic and the following global technological revolution, it was also the strongest and most advanced country in the world.The military of the Fire Nation was engaged in an imperialistic century long war with the other three nations from 0 to 100 AG, during which the country committed genocide of the Air Nomads, conquered vast swathes of the Earth Kingdom, and instituted raids that annihilated the waterbending population of the Southern Water Tribe, save for one bender.More importantly, the longstanding desire to conquer and expand into the unknown, such as a failed attempt by several villagers to set up a settlement in the Spirit Wilds, and the development of a warrior culture which depended on central leadership emerged among the predecessors of the Fire Nation.These characteristics continued to remain prevalent as seen during the Fire Nation's imperialistic endeavors in the antebellum period that directly preceded the outbreak of the Hundred Year War.Its capital is simply known as the Fire Nation Capital.The Fire Nation is the second-largest nation in terms of area, following the Earth Kingdom, while its economy is the most powerful in the world; its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the Fire Nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also initiated the worldwide modernization and globalization.


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