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Thus it is possible to avoid certain Adobe Flash Player Active X limitations. 7.69.00 May 30 2015------------------------------------ Fixed Mac OS compilation.- Fixed IOS64 support.- Other internal changes that makes it a requirement forkbm MW v. 7.68.00 Apr 12 2015------------------------------------ Added XE8 support.- Added project files for C Builder XE7 and XE8.

Notice though thatwe do not guarantee C Builder will install the packages at thistime!

F-IN-BOX is a developer's library to enhance Adobe Flash Player Active X features.

This caused the On Init Children-Event to be fired twice.Key Benefits DIUnicode is for you if your application needs to handle text with multiple character encodings with high performance and little development time.Both the Unicode Reader and the Unicode Writer work with strings, buffers, and streams.Now you can create reports, which can be edited, saved to file and viewed almost on any computer.Key Features Creating report templates directly in MS Excel Saving template as in the external *file, as in the *(.exe) file Band-oriented report generator Any data source can be used Creation of master-detail reports and reports with grouping Full integration with Delphi IDEHigh productivity even on slow computers Detailed help system and a demo application for a quicker mastering of the product Powerful component and property editors, which allow you to set many report parameters at the design-time easily Delphi 5-7, 2005-2007, 2009, 2010, XE-XE7 and MS Office 97 SR-1, 2000-2010 support The Accuracer ODBC Driver provides read/write access to Accuracer database in accordance with Level1 interface conformance of ODBC v.2 specification with some additional Level2 features.Info Power includes a host of pieces of flexible space and is the most important part of the network complex masterpiece as one of the most powerful components in the library which significantly extended the capabilities of Delphi develops intelligent network components.Facilities and features Info Power Studio:- Info Power masterpiece network to increase network capabilities by default, Delphi- Sliding list features more intelligent and flexible features of Delphi- Numerical and foreign editors- Advanced controls Lookup Combo- Spin edit controls- Editing controls and transparency frame Custom- Word processing control- Component Rich Edit Bar to attach a word processor on your forms- Custom radio button controls- Dialogue boxes and sorting facilities and Quick Search- View and edit custom record dynamics- Flexible and scalable database navigator- Custom templates for coding environment- Control the time and date - Tww DBDate Time Picker to select the date and time- List of sliding Image Combo to include video or photo from the drop-down list TImage List- Vertical network Info Power to show columns vertically data Eh Lib 8.0 Build 8.0.023 Professional Edition.----------------------------------------------The Library contains components and classes for Borland Delphi versions 7, 9, Developer Studio 2006, Delphi 2007, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2009-XE8, Lazarus.Be sure that the Accuracer Database Server utility or your own server application was started and configured properly to work with the target database.The most famous and most useful Info Power VCL component for building facades database package for Windows-based applications in Delphi and C Builder.Fixed: Some MAPI DLLs may not be loaded correctly3)....Fixed: Handling SEC_I_INCOMPLETE_CREDENTIALS in SSPI code (added searching client certificate)4)....


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