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Setting the condition is very similar to creating a Condition Formatting rule.To open the Advanced Find dialog press CTRL SHIFT F.Also the total email count we see in web mail and in outlook IMAP are different.

Using Advanced Find or creating a Search Folder allows you to easily find all messages with an Expire Date.Thank you, Greg Greg, You would need to review the headers of the message to see why the message is appearing at an unusual time.When messages are accepted by SMTP and delivered into the mailbox a receive header is added to the top of the message and it is this header that mail clients typically use to indicate the order/time of receipt.And arranges it appropriately in the list of emails.But again, it's a day late-- its like that email was skipped over (or missed), when Outlook downloaded new emails.And, the date is correct on when they sent it to me.But, the actual display of the new email into my Outlook happens a day late.(By the way, Outlook does recognize and show the correct date and time of the email, in the Inbox.I regularly set an “Expire after” date on a message so they can automatically be cleaned up when they become irrelevant.My colleagues also do that on time-sensitive messages that they send to me.For example, an email just popped up in Outlook this morning (January; Monday the 31st).But, it was really sent to me on Sunday the 30th at AM. I'll keep a closer eye on this and provide more info.


  1. Oct 17, 2013. tourbleshoot. Recently, I watched a user create new tasks from email messages in her Sent folder. When asked, she responded that the messages were time-sensitive and that the reminder would help her remember when to contact the recipients again, if they didn't respond. After sending these.

  2. Sort your deleted items folder in Outlook by date deleted makes tracking down an accidental deletion easier than sorting through thousands of emails. Make a handy name like Date Deleted for your new view so you can easily know what the view does and select “All Mail and Post Folders” if it's not already selected and.

  3. Aug 13, 2014. I regularly set an “Expire after” date on a message so they can automatically be cleaned up when they become irrelevant. My colleagues also do that on time-sensitive messages that they send to me. When they expire, they will show with a strikethrough font, but is it also possible to highlight or find all.

  4. Aug 3, 2011. When I Delay Delivery of a message does it get sent from my PC to the server and wait there? Can I close Outlook, log off my PC and it will still get delivered even if I don't log on to my PC again until after the requested delivery date/time? When you use Delay Delivery, the message is held in the Outbox on.

  5. Apr 29, 2016. There is a quick and easy way to change an Email Message into a Task in Microsoft Outlook with Drag and Drop! In a recent blog Post, I provided an overview of the powerful Task feature that is part of Microsoft Outlook. As we discussed, Tasks are anything that you would want to put onto a “To Do” list.

  6. Using Outlook 2002 XP. There are two specific. With your Outlook Inbox messages displayed, click the “Tools” menu, and select “Out of Office Assistant”. The Out of Office. Put a check mark in the boxes to the left of “After” and “Before”, and select the date range for your vacation message to be delivered. NOTE The first.

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