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And it’s amazing the effect the sunshine can have on your confidence. Walking side by side, and taking in the world around you, the pressure is suddenly off. The date no longer feels like an awkward interview for a job you’re not even sure you want.

Instead, you can be yourself, and react the way you normally would, if you were just chilling out with a friend.

The app comes with a free practice trail, and your first trail is free.

After that trails can be bought individually, or in bundles, starting at £1.89 per trail.

I’ve always been a fan of first dates where you’re outside, and on the move.

For a start, you only really ever choose these kinds of dates when the weather is nice.

I really believe I learned more about my date from an hour and a half searching for clues than I would have if we’d just gone for coffee or drinks.

The premise is simple – it’s a series of trails around a city.

We hold events for several different age ranges, so you should be able to find one to suit yourself.

Whilst we would not turn you away if you were a little outside the age range, we ask you to bear in mind that the guests attending the events will be expecting to meet people within the specified age range.

I explored Richmond Green, and discovered the town has a royal palace, which is now full of residential houses.

It was a great way to see a different side of London, and with the current hot weather, it was really nice to do something active outside, whilst also getting to know my date.


  1. As with all our activity events there is no one-on-one dating, however you will have plenty of time to chat amongst the group and get to know each other during the quiz rounds, with a break in the middle too. After each topic men will move onto the next table to ensure all participants get to meet everyone at the event.

  2. The Time Out London blog Make sure that you do this after each date to keep track. Dating uncertainty stage. Gents, you are also divided into groups of and your group is allocated a ladies team to join for the speed dating pub quiz round of the quiz normally about five questions. You take an equal number of single girls and.

  3. Aug 28, 2016. As a bisexual male living in London in 2016 I honestly suspect I've seen it all. I've had dates. Do the pub quiz. I once went on a first date with a real hottie in a pub that just happened to be having their quiz night. We failed miserably, finished in last place and one nerd even laughed at us. But we found it so.

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