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Purple book dating

The history is somewhat similar, since "Doorknob" is from another Huber family (same name which is quite common here), who live not far from Hinkletown, so I assumed it would be the same.

"Mami Huber's Stuffing Pepper" has 4 lobes and really reminds me of the "Amish Pimiento Pepper" which it looks nearly identical to.

If you read my essay for the 2016 season, (on the "New for 2017 Seeds" page), you will know about my animal disaster right at the beginning of my gardening year.

A very large and hungry Groundhog came out of the woods into my garden and wiped out all of my Skirret. Now I am the only person in the USA growing skirret for seeds, so it is a very important crop for me.

Then he ate all my "Eva's Burgundy Lettuce" which was just about to flower and make seeds.

I am the only source of this 5 generation heirloom lettuce. They are nocturnal animals and unless you want to camp out in the garden (where he would smell me anyway) and hide, I wasnt going to have any luck. Groundhog pulled up all the pepper plants and tore out the labels as well?

Many people like the safe, non-addicting "thrill" of hot chile peppers.

I offer rare, ornamental hot and sweet peppers in a rainbow of colors, (even stripes! Heirloom peppers are beautiful, high yielding and one of the easiest vegetables to grow.

This large sweet pepper will turn brilliant, deep crimson quite early in any climate.

This Lancaster County, Pennsylvania heirloom was bred and saved during the 1920s by Mammi Huber, an Old Order (horse and buggy) Mennonite who ran a farm stand near Hinkletown, (translates as "chicken town") Pennsylvania.

It turned out to be an entirely different plant altogether!

So be the first to grow out this wondrous pepper which is also just super for salads and fresh eating too due to its sweetness.

I got seeds for this spectacular sweet pepper from my friend Tanya in Ukraine.


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  3. Tyrian purple Greek, πορφύρα, porphyra, Latin purpura, also known as Tyrian red, Phoenician purple, royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye, is a reddish-purple natural dye.

  4. Pebble mosaic Pebble mosaic. type of mosaic work that uses natural pebbles arranged to form decorative or pictorial patterns. It was used only for pavements and was the earliest type of mosaic in all areas of the eastern Mediterranean, appearing in Asia Minor in excavated floors from the 8th and 7th centuries

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