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This is what he had to say when I asked for more information on their background: "He has collected Hungarian white pepper seeds from all over the world (Hungary, Romania, California) and these are some of his favorites. They don't have the Chlorophyll (stuff that makes American bell peppers green) in them. Very good for making authentic Hungarian dishes in the kitchen.The taste is unlike any other pepper that you can buy in stores in the USA. I might add that all the seeds originally came from Hungary.Some of the rare non-bell type sweet peppers I offer are so sweet you will never go back to the supermarket types again.Because I have found some great rare varieties from northern climates, like the former Soviet bloc nations, now all of you gardeners in cold weather zones can enjoy ripe sweet peppers, that you never dreamed of eating before.I got my original seeds from my gardening mentor, and it is an exclusive. Then, by day three he moved onto the pepper seedlings, after having rifled through the tomato seedlings. I finally had to hire an animal control guy who came in with traps. So that is why this pepper mix is named "Lions, Tigers, and Groundhogs Pepper Mix." Remember Judy Garland singing the song in that goes, "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Much as I tried, I wasn't able to be sure which peppers were what.Quite a few of these pepper fruits look very similar too, hence the mix. You will receive scads of seeds but not not necessarily all of these possibilities: Hungarian Sweet: Amy, Feher Orzon, Cece, Russian Sweet : Zolotoy Dozhd, Beloe Zoloto aka White Gold, Obriy Red, Obriy Yellow Hot Peppers: Martins Carrot pepper, Red Hinklehatz (chicken heart) Other Sweet: Mami Huber, Doorknob So enjoy this great pepper mix and have some fun !

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I am the only source of this 5 generation heirloom lettuce. They are nocturnal animals and unless you want to camp out in the garden (where he would smell me anyway) and hide, I wasnt going to have any luck. Groundhog pulled up all the pepper plants and tore out the labels as well?The man that I got the seeds from in California is a true Hungarian transplant from Hungary." And I might add that all of the Hungarian peppers I grew this season from his seeds are way beyond my expectations.Sweetness that is indescribable, like candy only better.The "Doorknob" is actually very smooth just like its namesake."Mami Huber's" is very prolific but somewhat later than "Doorknob" too.Many people like the safe, non-addicting "thrill" of hot chile peppers.I offer rare, ornamental hot and sweet peppers in a rainbow of colors, (even stripes! Heirloom peppers are beautiful, high yielding and one of the easiest vegetables to grow.To the best of my knowledge I am the only commercial source of this sweet pepper in the USA.The original seeds for these white Hungarian peppers I am offering this year come from one of my best customers from Illinois.When I first heard about this rare beauty I thought for sure it was the same exact stuffing pepper as the one I have been selling for several years on my Amishland Heirloom Seeds website called "DOORKNOB SWEET PEPPER".So I aquired a few seeds and planted them to do a side by side comparism.


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