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Question to ask before dating a girl

If she’s open to it, this can be a great foray into hilarious stories you two can share about the funny process of dating. Opening up your vulnerabilities is a great way to bond.

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You’re not trying to get her to “vent” or even picking her brain for information about what not to do (though you will get useful information about that too!As a result, she’ll associate the elevated mood she experiences with talking to you. You’re also getting a small window into her overall life by asking her what the best part of her week is.You’ll learn a lot from what she chooses to tell you about.), but rather to lightheartedly acknowledge that dating can be awkward, stressful and unpleasant at times.You want to smile big and make sure she takes this an invitation for lighthearted banter. I get it — it can be really hard to know how to break the ice and start a conversation.And once you do get a conversation started, it can be difficult to keep the conversation moving forward.What you really want is the ability to come up with your own meaningful questions and weave them into the conversation organically. Rather than trying to memorize them, ask yourself why they’re good questions, and how you might be able to adapt them in specific conversations.It’s best to use them in an appropriate, organic way, but if you find the conversation dwindling and you want to keep it going, don’t be afraid to pull one out.Too many guys ask girls questions that are either too boring (“Come here often? ”), too silly (“If you could be a flavor of Kool-Aid, what flavor would you be?”) or too much like a job interview (“What do you want to be doing in five years? What you need aren’t just questions, but good questions.


  1. This is a general question, but a good one to ask when she gets quiet. “Have you ever kissed a girl before. 121+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl.

  2. Going for a date and do not have any idea about what should you ask? Here are some dating questions to ask a guy as well as a girl.

  3. More than 21 Good & Cute Questions to Ask a Girl. Questions to ask a girl before you ask her out. On this question to ask your crush.

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