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Quicken hangs updating financial institution information booksamillion dating

There are other tools around, but this tried and true tool works great (for me) and can make your life simpler.Enter your email address here, and we will email you a copy of your order confirmation.To download the latest version, go to the Banktivity product page and click the download button.The app will run in trial mode if you are not registered, or it will recognize that you already registered and you will be ready to go!I should use the business functions more, and if I do that I will have a separate review of that functionality.It was interesting that Intuit seems to have changed their file formats so the first thing that the install does (after removing the old version of Quicken) is convert your data files to a new format.I am still wrestling with the automatic update function with the banks.

Developer's aren't aware of every bugs & problems in-house until the application is actually released to the public and the users can give their feedback.

The fact that a TFSA is an account type is very useful as well, although I suspect this was in Quicken 2012 as well.

I also like that they have added an ability to “look forward” in your spending, for an extended period, using the Show Reminders function (it’s a little alarm clock in the upper right corner).

I keep hearing rumors that the Canadian version of Quicken may be discontinued and this doesn’t help give me a warm fuzzy on the topic.

The other missing feature from the American version is a free credit score check.


  1. Dec 10, 2014. I bought Quicken H&B to be able to maintain downloads from my banking institution and fought with it for several hours, with the help of Intuit Support, and couldn't get it to run. Kept hanging, EXTREMELY slow, and useless. I finally uninstalled it and reinstalled 2012got my money back! Shame on Intuit for.

  2. Deactivate Accounts 1. Within Quicken. 5. Return to the General tab and delete information in the Account Number and Financial Institution fields. 6. 7.

  3. Banktivity for iOS Update. December 16, 2017 102 Comments. Let's face it, using Banktivity 6 on the Mac is pretty awesome But something has been missing, namely, Banktivity for Mac's sibling app, Banktivity for iPad and our companion app, Banktivity for iPhone. They haven't had any major updates in quite some time.

  4. Banktivity 6.2.2 which was supposed to fix the download quotes problem hangs and, when finally completed, still does not update the quotes. Sure, you could use the iPad as your sole Banktivity finance app and it's definitely better than Quicken's mobile app, but it's greatly feature deprecated in comparison to the Mac.

  5. Ready to file your federal taxes? Download Mac updates for your H&R Block tax software today.

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