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They claimed to have exchanged around Rs 15 crore of demonetised currency to Anand Khatri," said an official privy to the investigation.

BY TINA BENITEZ-EVES | It’s one of the last, true punk bars in the East Village, but the fate of Manitoba’s might be in question following an alleged domestic assault by owner Richard Manitoba (“Handsome Dick”) against his partner, Zoe Hansen, who has also managed and bartended the venue for many years. 2, Manitoba, 64, was arrested and later arraigned on three counts of third-degree assault and one count each of criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation and second-degree harassment.

article to the viewers, they will be talking about how there are all these women coming forward. We might find that a little creepy today, but this was nearly 50 years ago. But, you can't help thinking about the timing here, Laura.

“When you combine his overall psychological instability with his massive ego, anything’s possible,” the source reflected.The accused are in judicial custody till January 30.Arya said the case was "mysterious" for several reasons as none of the 16 accused have revealed the name of the person to whom they were supposed to finally deliver the demonetised notes.“We have two different belief systems of what it takes to be in a relationship,” Manitoba said on Facebook on Feb. “One is you stay true, and you’re in the family, and you take care of your son with all your heart.The other is I do what I want when I want even if I love you.” Zoe Hansen with John Holmstrom of PUNK magazine in Manitoba’s bar four years ago.Holmstrom’s coffee-table book on the best of PUNK had just been published. Photo by Lincoln Anderson A local East Village source, who knows the couple and requested anonymity, told The Villager that he is not surprised by the incident.“Anyone who knows Manitoba fairly well isn’t surprised by this,” he said.In the police report, Hansen, 51, claimed that Manitoba bit her, grabbed her neck and applied pressure. If you believe 100 percent of everything you read, you’re a fool,” he said. apartment, which they share with their 15-year-old son, Jake, but is now back with her son in the East Village apartment, while Manitoba is reportedly staying at a hotel in Brooklyn. 2 fight, which led to the alleged assault, reportedly started over Hansen’s boyfriend, according to one of Hansen’s friends, who asked to remain unnamed.Manitoba told The Villager, “We are still open,” when asked about the bar but did not elaborate on the situation much more than that. The Yankees fan also added, “Baseball is right around the corner, and life is good.” The Bronx-born punk rocker is due in Criminal Court on March 26. “He knew she had a boyfriend and considered the relationship [with Manitoba] over, but couldn’t accept it and was constantly snooping in her phone and computer,” her friend told The Villager.That’s some dark, primal s— right there.” As for Manitoba’s, it has already been on shaky ground during the past few years.In 2015, Manitoba questioned how much longer he would keep the bar running.


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