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Reasons for backdating council tax

The maximum period a claim for Council Tax Reduction can be backdated for working age customers is six months from the date you request it.It is not possible to backdate a claim any further than these periods.To be considered for Backdating, there has to be what is known as good cause.The local authority must be satisfied with the reasons for the delay in making your claim.Without these details an assessment cannot be made and you may lose out on benefit.Housing Benefit can pay for all or part of your rent.

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We must be satisfied that: We must be satisfied that during this time there were valid reasons why it would be reasonable for you or a person of your age and experience to have failed to claim benefit earlier.In order for a request for backdating to be considered there must be what is called 'good cause' and the council must be satisfied with the reasons you have given for not claiming benefit / reduction at the appropriate time.Examples of 'good cause' are: If you wish to make a claim for backdated benefit / reduction you need to: Complete the backdated claims section of the application form and tell us why you wish to claim backdated benefit / reduction, the date you want to claim from and your reasons for not applying at the time.Your claim will automatically be backdated for a maximum of 3 months depending on your circumstances. From April 2016 you can apply for backdated benefit for a maximum period of 1 month depending on your circumstances.Local Council Tax Support has replaced Council Tax benefit and working age claimants will not be eligible for backdating.Each claim for backdating is decided on their own merits.Here are some examples of good cause: To be able to make an assessment on the period you have requested backdating benefit, you will need to provide proof of your income and capital for that period.If you or you partner are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit, and qualify for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (or both), we can backdate your award up to 3 months before the date you made your claim (as long as you were entitled for that period).If you are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit and you are entitled from a date before you claimed we will give you your award automatically.The amount you will get depends on your income and circumstances.Council Tax Support (formerly Council Tax Benefit) is a reduction in your Council Tax bill based on your income and circumstances Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support will normally be awarded from the Monday following the date we receive your application form.


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