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She still does this, but with "Born This Way" she chooses to build a new world entirely rather than attempting to fit anyone else's mold. The film was directed by the master of psychological thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, who is one of the singer's noted inspirations.

The clip opens with an inverted pink triangle, a symbol for gay rights, but originally used as badge required to be worn by homosexual men in Nazi concentration camps.

Initial reports and feedback for the video—which premiered Monday on VEVO—ran the gamut from "the most epic video she's ever done" to "what the hell is going on" and "God, this is gross." Clocking in at almost seven and a half minutes, we think there's more to the story than others give her credit for.

Lady G herself wrote the script and treatment for the video, while famed British fashion photographer Nick Knight was brought on to direct, along with choreographer Laurieann Gibson, and Nicole Formichetti, who styled the video.

A frequently used symbol by Gaga (remember her Pussy Wagon in "Telephone"?

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A visual interpretation of what Gaga thinks the "mitosis of the future" looks like.

Illuminati enthusiasts will likely rejoice in the butterfly imagery, which The Vigilant Citizen refers to as a reference to Project Monarch, thought to be a part of Project MK-Ultra, the secret, illegal CIA operation during the 1950s-70s that used various methods to control individuals' mental states and alter brain functions—what Illuminati refer to as "mind control." Project Monarch is dismissed by almost all scholars as there is little to no evidence of its existence, but it is said to be a traumatic mind control technique that creates a dissociation within the individual, who then develops a new personality.

Followers of this theory see the butterfly as a symbol for mind control and transformation.

This isn't the first time we've seen a glammed-out Gaga rocking a firearm.

But unlike the small, yellow pistol she clumsily plays around with in "Video Phone," here Gaga is controlled, dark, and busting out the big guns—literally.


  1. Zombie Boy is a Canadian artist, actor, and fashion model born in LaSalle, Quebec, so called for the corpse tattoos covering the majority of his body. During his modeling career he has also promoted tattoo concealer. Contents. hide. 1 Personal life; 2 Career; 3 Filmography; 4 Music; 5 References; 6 External links. Personal.

  2. Mar 2, 2011. And, wouldn't you know it, Lady Gaga describes the process of recording "Born this Way" to Vogue in their latest issue, saying "the gates just opened, and the songs. Gaga enlists the help of Zombie Boy, Rick Genest, a Canadian model who elected to tattoo his face and body as skeleton to prove that fact.

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