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A notable exception to the westerns was The Quiet American in which he co-starred with Michael Redgrave.Murphy made over 40 feature films and often worked with directors more than once.Spec Mc Clure scripted a second unused version of The Way Back that incorporated Murphy's real-life friends into the storyline and ended with the star living happily ever after with Pamela and their two sons.

Susan Kohner, daughter of Murphy's agent Paul Kohner, Both Murphy and Universal gave serious considerations to a follow-up version of his post-war life. Collins script The Way Back which created the fictional scenario that filming To Hell and Back had been so therapeutic for Murphy that it cured him of his combat fatigue.

Murphy unsuccessfully tried to buy the rights to the film in 1955 in an attempt to re-edit and re-release it.

Huston tried to buy it in 1957, but was told the original negative of what he had filmed was destroyed.

In 1948 he became acquainted with writer David "Spec" Mc Clure who got him a 0 bit part in Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven.

With financing from Texas theater owners and the children's charitable organization Variety Clubs International, Short cast Murphy in Bad Boy to help promote the charity's work with troubled children.


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