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Roman numeral dating system Sherry morris nude

Sometimes dates are given in Roman numerals for the dating of movies and television programmes.

Also, some sporting events, such as the Olympics, the Superbowl and Wrestling events use them.

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII had reformed the calendar, then in use, known as the Julian Calendar (named after Julius Caesar).

The Julian Calendar did not correspond exactly to the solar year.

Used primarily for counting, they were adapted from the Etruscan numerals system.

Roman Numerals traditionally indicate the order of: 1. XV means 10 5 =15 thus, XV=15 The current (265th) pope is Pope Benedict XVI, who was elected April 19, 2005. Other uses Roman Numerals were also used for as dating on cornerstones of buildings showing origin of a building, statutes, headstones, books publication such as in chapter titles, volume of book series, appendices, numbers on clocks and so on.

What is odd about the Roman numbers used on a clock or watch? On the most famous clocks in the world - usually called Big Ben in the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster where the UK Houses of Parliament are located, the numerals are in lower case, gothic script and the 4 is depicted as iv.

The original system of numerals used in the classical era was altered slightly in the Middle Ages, resulting in the numeral system that we use today where letters represent values as numerals.

Some of the common uses of roman numerals in everyday life include use in clock faces, chapter numbering and copyrighting in books, and numbered lists.


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