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There’s something precious about a rare copy of one of her most beloved novels.You could also hunt online to see if you can track down an autographed edition; she'll appreciate the effort you dedicated. There’s bound to be someone who has a dog you can borrow.

You could also slip notes into a book she's reading. Ask your parents to send a bunch of photos of you from when you were growing up.

just like all that darn butter you had to melt to make the icing.

This doesn’t have to mean the two of you are getting super serious, but if she stays over at your place on a regular basis, then clear out space in your closet (or a drawer) just for her.

There are online tutorials that show you how to give a great massage.

When many of us attempt to give our partner a massage, the result is often amateurish and leaves us covered in far too much lotion (there's also an occasional bruise).


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