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Apparently, he was on-site, just like various Sandy Hook supposedly dead children, at the actual phony funerals, in this case the one for Meadow Pollack. This means that this plot was orchestrated by Chabad actors.

These Jews are surely alive, so all the calls for sadness and sympathy in relation to these hoax agents are bogus.

Is this man, seen here from behind and the side in the images below, Aaron Feis, the purported Jewish hero of the arch-fake Parkland, Florida, school shooting hoax? Proxy Mossad agents, working on behalf of Chabad Lubovitch, committed this act of treachery.

Even though he is seen from the back-side, it looks just like him. This is admitted by the Jewish-controlled press itself.

Feis a conniving Zionist agent, like the rest of them. This was an act of desperation to spread great chaos and corruption in the land.

As such, are these fake dead in the United States, or are they elsewhere such as domiciled in the Zionist strip? The shape of the head is precisely the same, as is the width of the temporal and jaw areas. Stealing from the goyum is the standard of arch-Zionist treacherous ones.

Grazie a lei capisci che non è una web che vuole venderti qualcosa e basta; al contrario, ti può aiutare in ogni momento del tuo viaggio (gastronomía, ristoranti, luoghi di interesse, luoghi più appartati, trasporti, dove dormire...), non importa che tipo di viaggiatore tu sia.

È stata un aiuto importante nella maggior parte dei paesi visitati nel pianeta, sia per sapere cosa vedere che per prenotare hotel e ristoranti.

What an incredible waste of humanity it is, wretched beyond comprehension, for these funds to facilitate nothing other than mere lies and cabalististic destruction.

Minube è la compagna di viaggio che è sempre con me, in tasca o nello zaino, o dovunque tenga il mio cellulare.

It surely isn’t that far-fetched: The same hefty person is seen, above, but always with the back the camera. Feis is not as described, that is he was not shot dead by a lone gunman. Additionally, consider the multiplicity of accounts regarding him.

They are legion: …Jordan May, who is a coach at the school, tweeted: The fraud and deception is extreme in this world, as mentioned by the holy scriptures. The same is true of all the other purported victims, killed or injured.


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