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Sedating a toddler while sick Asian sex dates

I got to go in to he MRI room with my son and stay with him while they got everything ready.

I also got to be with him when he went under, thanks to some bubble-gum scented gas.

Our daughter gets sick roughly every time we drive to my parents' house.

We already time it for her nap, but it's over two hours, so she winds up awake for the last 30 minutes to an hour or so. I know that what you can see can sometimes help, but she's under two, so I want her in a rear facing car seat, which means there's no way to let her see out the front window.

If the other adult drives more slowly, that will help.

If your direct route is particularly winding, you can try a slightly longer one with fewer turns if that's possible.

Drivers matter; so do the numbers of twists and turns.

If she always seems to get sick at around the same time (15 minutes from your parents' house), it might be that it's a particularly winding route that's affecting her. I agree that giving her crackers (high starch, low fat) and a little non-fat liquid (i.e.

It's sedating, though, and I would definitely get her doctor's opinion before using it.no milk) before the ride (and not a meal) is a good idea.First trimester nausea is often helped by crackers at the bedside.Our son also had 2 surgeries at Kaiser Oakland, as well as a bronchoscopy and a CT scan which required anesthesia.For both of the surgeries we had the same, very good nurse-anesthesiologist who seems to work with the pediatric surgeons. that was there for the CT was warm and kind, and he told my son stories while they were getting ready and as he went under.If she's awake and bored, try music rather than a plaything.Anything that focuses her vision on a non-moving object in front of her will make it worse (like reading in a car does for adults.) You can stop the car and take her out of her seat for a little walk before she gets sick (highly recommended).They are good with kids, good with parents, and (the bottom line) got my son safely through a number of procedures.However, I would be very surprised if you got to meet your pediatric anesthesiologist ahead of time.(The Mayo Clinic seemed to have the most well-rounded advice.) The other common advice that related to your particular situation was letting in some air, but I'm guessing you've tried that one already.As with almost all issues related to children, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't seem to exist, but maybe these ideas will help you and your daughter.


  1. Kaiser recommends an MRI but he would need to have full anesthesia. our baby is quite sick. For a while during last year.

  2. Motion sickness is a condition in. greater than 90% of patients experienced a reduction in the symptoms of motion sickness while. Sedating anti -histamine.

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