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Sedating dogs for flights

If your dog does not meet the requirements to travel in the cabin, they can be checked into cargo (where the luggage goes).

If your dog is accustomed to being separated from you in a crate or carrier, they will fare much better.

If your dog cannot comfortably stand up and turn around, it could cause high stress and discomfort to them during travel.

This way your dog will spend the entire flight smelling their beloved owner and nibbling treats.

Research the airline’s policy on pet carrier size requirements, fees, health certificates, and boarding procedures before traveling.

In general, dogs need to fit into a dog carrier that can easily fit under the seat in front of you.

It is not cruel as dogs can go without water for several hours.

You want to space out their water intake as much as possible.


  1. Im suggesting a mild sedative for him but ive no prior experience or knowledge of whether this is a good idea. Ive to bring him to the airport at 6am and the flight will be approx 5hrs. A sedated dog can become cold esp. in a hold can make matters worse.

  2. Commonly asked questions include;. Dogs with flat or snub noses. Whenever possible, we ship pets on non-stop flights.

  3. Should You Sedate Your Dog For Travel?Sedating dogs for air travel can cause respiratory distress and put your dog at risk for heart problems. Keep in mind, that if your dog travels in cargo, they will not be monitored in- flight, in the case of complications.

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