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Lieberman Technologies helps businesses and organizations prosper with the intelligent use of technology solutions.Our broad set of technology skills and our business experience give us a unique ability to craft solutions that drive businesses and organizations forward.

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We serve large medical institutions and small service organizations.

I personally feel this isn’t due to it being a complicated piece of software (I would argue SQL Server has a steeper learning curve to master the product itself), but more because of the MANY different pieces of technology it interacts with.

Consider the below list of components that make-up a typical medium-to-large Exchange environment: Whether these components are managed by different teams or one multi-talented individual, they still account for a fairly complex overall solution; which means there are many failure points outside the control of the Exchange Server Product Team.

The questions of how to go about load balancing a CAS Array, OWA, Outlook Anywhere, EWS, Active Sync, and SMTP seemed to trouble many Administrators and Consultants.

Combine that with the growing desire to securely publish Exchange via a Reverse Proxy and you had some of my most commonly seen issues during Exchange 2010 migrations and deployments.


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