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They’re open about the prostate cancer-screening harms, but “[v]ery little transparent information about the harms of [mammograms] is provided…” So, there’s this “double standard”; “women are encouraged” to just do it, “while men are advised to” weigh the pros and cons, “although the fundamental issues to consider are [actually] very similar” between the two tests.

We must [sadly] acknowledge that just as in any other profession or industry, self-interest is unavoidably at work…” In an analysis of more than a hundred papers, the “imbalance” in those that tended “to emphasize the major benefits of mammography…over its major harms [was] related to the authors’ affiliation.” It may be no coincidence that all the expert panels that have come out against routine mammograms excluded radiologists, figuring those who depend on mammograms for their paycheck might be more likely to recommend them—to which mammogram proponents respond: “if you don’t have a conflict of interest, you[’re] probably [not doing it right],” accusing the breast cancer-screening panels of “inject[ing] their own biases.” “In this debate, there are armies of the faithful, and only a disappointing scattering of moderators and peacemakers.” Some have even suggested that we shouldn’t even be talking about this in public, but “[s]uch paternalism assumes that women cannot decide for themselves whether the available evidence supports or refutes the case for mammography.

Discouraging a discussion with women about the evidence for and against…[could be considered] more harmful for women’s health, not less, if doctors truly believe that patients should be active partners in making decisions about their [own body].” Yeah, if you read the actual studies, you can see if the investigators declare any conflicts of interest.

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