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Moccasins were not designed to be waterproof, and in wet weather and warm summer months, most Native Americans went barefoot.As civilizations began to develop, thong sandals (the precursors of the modern flip-flop) were worn.The Romans, who eventually conquered the Greeks and adopted many aspects of their culture, did not adopt the Greek perception of footwear and clothing.

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Pheidippides, the first marathoner, ran from Athens to Sparta in less than 36 hours.

This led archaeologists to deduce that wearing shoes resulted in less bone growth, resulting in shorter, thinner toes.

Many early natives in North America wore a similar type of footwear, known as the moccasin.

Many medieval shoes were made using the turnshoe method of construction, in which the upper was turned flesh side out, and was lasted onto the sole and joined to the edge by a seam.

The shoe was then turned inside-out so that the grain was outside.


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