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This ethno-religious social stratification schema was similar to the casta system used in Hispanic America, with some major differences.

The system was used for taxation purposes, with indios and negritos who lived within the colony paying a base tax, mestizos de sangley paying double the base tax, sangleys paying quadruple; blancos, however, paid no tax.

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During the United States colonial period, the Chinese Exclusion Act of the United States was also applied to the Philippines.For that purpose, the Spaniards of the country, the Chinese mestizos, and the Filipinos shall be admitted with perfect equality as cadets of the military corps; the personal-service tax shall be abolished, or an equal and general tax shall be imposed, to which all the Spaniards shall be subject.This last plan appears to me more advisable, as the poll-tax is already established, and it is not opportune to make a trial of new taxes when it is a question of allowing the country to be governed by itself.During the colonial period, there was an increase in the number of Chinese immigrants into the Philippines.The Spaniards restricted the activities of the Chinese and confined them to the Parián which was located near Intramuros.The Spanish government and religious missionaries were quick to learn native Filipino languages and Roman Catholic rituals were interpreted in accordance with Filipino beliefs and values.As a result, a folk Roman Catholicism developed in the Philippines.The caste system was abolished after the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1898, and the term Filipino was expanded to include the entire population of the Philippines regardless of racial ancestry.A Native Filipina with some Chinese, Europeans and Japanese settlers of the Philippines.European settlers from Spain and Mexico immigrated and their offspring (of either Spanish, or Spanish and Filipino) may have adopted the culture of their parents and grandparents.Most Filipinos of Spanish descent in the Philippines are of mixed ancestries or are of pure European ancestry.


  1. Sep 14, 2012. Many Latina women are choosing to date outside their race, despite the rejection of others.

  2. Miscegenation / m ɪ ˌ s ɛ dʒ ɪ ˈ n eɪ ʃ ən /; from the Latin miscere "to mix" + genus "kind" is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation. Because of the term's historical use in contexts that typically implied disapproval, more unambiguously neutral terms such as interracial,

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