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Speed dating mentoring

And I began getting calls from other churches within the year asking me what we were doing with this ministry. And I believe, in studying this as long as I have these years, it really goes against the biblical model of church family. You know, Joneal, I was talking to Jean about this. I was hoping that Jean would be able to join, but we’re going to have other women for our web extra, so... I just - you know, I thought I’d be great for you to interact with them. But for those listening who want to hear more from other women and talking with you, you can go to the website and you can catch that web extra with a little more dialogue, women-to-women sort of speak.

And God was like, no, it needs to happen at the same time.

That’s what I’m hearing you say, that vulnerability is key to mentoring. So the key to the success I believe to Heartfelt has been putting you with a Heartfelt team. And then there may be another person on your team who’s extremely sociable and easy to talk to people and is a good conversationalist.

But take us through a healthy mentoring perspective. So with your team of heart moms, you’re able to really reach the lives and the heart of younger women on a variety of different levels because you’re not doing it all alone.

And the other one is I just don’t think I’m adequate enough. And when she first was in Kay Robertson’s group, she heard Kay share authentically her testimony of going through a really - well, a bad marriage for 10 years and trying to hold onto it with her three young sons.

And Miranda had never heard Christian women or people of faith say bad things that happened to them and they came out of it. And she reached out to Kay, and they developed a strong relationship.


  1. My hope is that the Mentors and Mentees will learn something from one another and possibly realize a talent or opportunity that they may not have recognized before."

  2. There are two broad types of mentoring relationships formal and informal. Formal mentoring relationships are set up by an administrative unit or office in a company.

  3. Insala's articles on everything about mentoring programs, employee career development and alumni.

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  5. Welcome to. What can I learn to help me refresh my knowledge base and add value? Mentoring is instrumental to maximize learning and development.

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