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“Suspension of the rules” is a procedure that the House of Representatives often uses on the floor to act expeditiously on legislation.

This report identifies and briefly summarizes the 21 budget reconciliation measures enacted into law during the period covering 1980, when reconciliation procedures were first used by both... The Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans, made up of 16 members of the House and Senate—four chosen by each of the chambers’ party leaders—is intended to formulate recommendations and legislative language that will “significantly improve the solvency of multiemployer pension plans and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.” The law directs the joint select committee to, no later than November 30, 2018, vote on a...The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA; P. 108-173) requires the Medicare Board of Trustees to provide in its annual reports an expanded analysis of Medicare expenditures and revenues (§801 of the MMA).Specifically, if the Medicare trustees determine that general revenue funding for Medicare is expected to exceed 45% of Medicare outlays for the current fiscal year or any of the next six fiscal years, a determination of excess general funding is made.Censure is a reprimand adopted by one or both chambers of Congress against a Member of Congress, President, federal judge, or other government official.While Member censure is a disciplinary measure that is sanctioned by the Constitution (Article 1, Section 5), non-Member censure is not.The House and Senate often reach final agreement on major legislation through negotiations among conferees that the two houses appoint.Because a conference committee is a negotiating forum, the two houses impose few rules governing its work, leaving it to the conferees themselves to decide how they can conduct their negotiations most productively.When a bill or some other matter is considered “under suspension,” floor debate is limited to 40 minutes, all floor amendments are prohibited, and a two-thirds vote is required for final passage.The two houses must agree on the same final version of a bill before it can be presented to the President.Rather, it is a formal expression or “sense of” one or both houses of Congress.As such, censure resolutions targeting non-Members use a variety of statements to highlight conduct deemed by the resolutions’ sponsors to be inappropriate or unauthorized.


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  5. This set of budgetary legislation, rules, and practices is often referred to as the congressional budget process. be eligible for floor consideration.

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