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I have spied on her in the shower and the bath many times.I have seen her naked dozens of times and it makes me want her even more.The temporary release allowed me to really get into the fantasy. The look of fear on her face was priceless and worth a dozen face slaps. I told her I loved her more than anything I could imagine. She grinned and said she hadn't gotten stoned in years but it sounded interesting to her now. " I heard a gasp on the other end, still not knowing who it was.

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There was my mom, wearing little, her huge honkers busting from her lingerie. "What I say working is not your business," she said seeming to get her wind and her moral outrage back in full force. I dropped my shorts and started slapping my nearly hard cock on my leg. Do you fantasize about me fucking you, or is it you who fucks me? Our evening came and exhausted we slept together for the first time. "I have been wanting to get my hands on you forever Josh," she said as she stripped. "Now you just sit back and watch this young man," she ordered. " Ellen hefted mom's left tit and leaned in and kissed her. I managed to watch in awe without rubbing one out, but then I wanted to save plenty for my two mature girls. Mom guided me into a supine Ellen and encouraged me to pleasure her and I damn sure did. It's bigger than I thought and he sure can sling it." I pumped her even more vigorously as mom fondled my ass and encouraged me to please her little sister. My fat cock is always hard it seems and I have to relieve it 2 and 3 times every day.From what my pals tell me that is pretty average for a 17 year old dude. I make decent money but I spend it all on porn - internet live chat stuff.She gladly did and I was over the top watching her. " The sound of frustration and disgust was in my voice. We kissed more and she jumped up and took me by the hand to her bath and she bathed me in the shower. "Yep, and she's on her way over here to get some too. Ellen and I have been lovers since we were kids and have shared almost everything except husbands - that would be too, too messed up to fuck her husband," mom said. She then confided that her and Ellen had been making love regularly and while not having a man mom did not lack for passionate love and sex, it was just with her sister. I wanted to jerk off, but I also wanted to savor this, so I gently rubbed the monster but not to cum, not just yet anyway. "Fuck mom, are we going to now pretend you don't do Internet cam porn? She backed away from me and sat on the side of her bed. It was incredible to feel her matronly hot body slipping and sliding against mine as we soaped each other. I looked at her and she was grinning like the Cheshire cat. She reached into her purse, pulled out her cell and made a call. She nodded vigorously and smiled as wide as I had ever seen her smile. "Besides, he isn't my type, but you are and guess what? It's gotten around I have a pretty big cock so I do not lack for female company and my mom is cool and lets me bring home girls as long as I am not blatant about it. Since I have fantasies about my mom all the time, jerking off to mature women is pretty natural to me.I like the nastiness of mature women behaving slutty. I have taken lately to wishing I could turn my fantasies about my mom into reality.I was going through the list of "grannies" on a particular site I especially like and came across a woman's picture of her figure - not a face shot but a great photo of big tits spilling out of a sexy outfit. "I am not having sex with you Josh, so you can get that idea out of your head right now! I'll just go jerk off again then." And I picked up my shorts and left the room. My cock was hard, and although I was angry I was way too horny to let it go. I dropped my cock, put the mouse back on my desk, picked up her robe and got up. She grabbed me around my neck and began to softly moan.The woman wore black gloves and was fondling her exploding tits. She might be my mom, but she wanted me and she knew it and I knew she knew it. ' she adamantly announced, but her conviction wasn't there. I leaned back in my chair and gently tweaked my nipples as I looked at the monitor at some fat old broad. She recoiled and backed away trying to grab her robe from my grasp. She slipped it on and wrapped it around herself but did not tie the belt. I slipped her robe form her shoulders and embraced her so hard I nearly squeezed the breathe form her lungs as we kissed and I held on for dear life.She said she'd worked hard and wanted me to have it and I gladly accepted it and thought little more of it. I could hear her voice very faintly over the sound of her TV on in the background but could not hear what she was saying. I grew curious as to how that would work and mom told me of a sight that was genuine incest and not the fantasy crap coming from Eastern Europe.Oddly though our finances did seem to improve about that time too and now it all made sense. I paced my room, my fat cock busting at the material of my gym shorts. Then she got quiet and I silently hurried back to my room and closed my door. I was so upset by now I started bawling like a baby. She told me it paid exceptionally well - about 00 per day, per person. Ellen was dropping clothes so fast I thought she'd tear them off. "Ever watched two women make love Josh," Ellen asked.


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