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While the “focus-less” brilliant finder, slow f/7.7 lens, and limited 2 speed shutter suggests a cheap and entry level model, the all metal body, automatic frame counter, and capable 3-element lens suggests an upgrade from the single speed plastic box cameras like the Argus Seventy-Five or Kodak Duaflex, with their meniscus and doublet lenses.

This simplifies the design and makes for a more reliable and less expensive camera.

An attempt at a new model was proposed in concept form in 1956 to celebrate Voigtländer’s bicentennial, but none were ever made.

The Voigtländer Brillant, especially the original metal body model, is a rather unique camera with a feature set not found on many other cameras in the marketplace.

I reviewed an early Voigtländer roll film camera from 1927 called the Rollfilm here, and found it to be a well built, but basic camera capable of really nice shots.

Many of Voigtländer’s other roll film designs such as the Avus and Bessa had higher spec shutters and lenses and compared favorably to those made by other German companies like Zeiss-Ikon, Certo, and Nagel.


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