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Black women are being told we need to be open to IR dating, and at the same time we're being told no matter what we do, we're not going to get noticed anyway.Laperf also has advice for Black women looking to enter the Blasian dating scene on her blog.Is Blasian romance the answer to Black women's dating woes? But it is, at least, a fresh perspective to add to those conversations. Josie Pickens is an educator, cultural critic and soldier of love. When asked why Black women and Asian men find themselves in the predicament of being considered undesirable in the fashion industry (and overall), Chaunsumlit answers: In terms of casting, it's harder for Black women to get those jobs and it's hard for Asian men to get those jobs because it's a question of, "Are they considered attractive? " A lot of the times they're only presented in ways in which they're "otherized." Chaunsumlit also believes these trends in the fashion industry (and possibly in overall media) affects society as a whole.

He writes, "I joined and saw thousands of Asian men and Black women engaging in a rich cultural exchange.

"Blasian" romances can be found everywhere these days, whether perusing Facebook groups, or meeting with Black female and Asian male couples face to face, or liking photos of Blasian couples on Tumblr.

Blasian couples may have more in common than anyone would have ever guessed.

This clip below only leaves one major question — where do they put the microphones?

Interracial dating and marriage are more popular today than they have ever been.


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  2. Nick Cannon and TLC's Chilli dating rumors are swirling. Dowell and Brittany Hopwood met on on TLC dating show Undressed. Latin women, and the mostcomplete.

  3. Interracial dating and marriage are more popular today than they have ever been. According to various studies, millennials certainly see race much.

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